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General Information: Indian Translators Association

By Ravi Kumar (Founder President, Indian Translators Association)

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Indian Translators Association is a society registered under Societies Registration Act (XXI) of 1860. It is a non – profit making body being promoted by 17 founder members who have jointly put in their efforts, money, time, staff, infrastructure and other necessary resources to promote a social cause for the betterment of Indian Translation community.

The Association shall work towards promotion of Translation, Interpretation, Language Teaching and Localization activities in India and abroad by creating a strong network and a vibrant common platform of individuals, agencies, companies and institutions by encouraging and supporting individuals and groups working in this direction and taking all the steps that may be required for the necessary legal compliance to facilitate and create environment to achieve the same.

Indian Translators Association (ITAINDIA) seeks to unite the wide-spread translators and interpreters community of India to a common platform where one can address common issues for betterment of the industry and has the potential to bring literary, cultural and commercial benefits to the individual translators and interpreters as well as nascent Indian Translation Industry in general.

ITAINDIA also aims at becoming the voice of Translators and Interpreters of India by increasing its membership base, upgrading knowledge and capabilities of its members, creating quality control awareness, following the code of professional conduct and constantly acting as an interface between government bodies and all possible corners of Indian Translation Industry.

It also intends to take the Indian Translation Industry to the world forums by becoming associated with global translation organisations, including International Federation of Translators (FIT) and seeks to get recognition from UNESCO and various international bodies. Many positive steps have already been taken in this direction and one can expect the outcome of these endeavours in the near future.

ITAINDIA has large plans to organize support events for conferences, round table discussions, seminars, symposia wherein the leading translators, interpreters, terminologists, theoreticians, educators and other language experts can participate and voice their concerns and initiate possible improvements in the promotion of languages.

Benefits of Membership

Two-way communication is one of the foremost benefits of ITAINDIA membership. Member organizations are encouraged to contribute their calendars of events, news notices, relevant articles, research results, etc. to ITAINDIA publications, which all members receive.
Member organizations are encouraged to read and further disseminate the information they receive from ITAINDIA to help their fellow translators and interpreters keep abreast of the developments and opportunities in India and the globe.

ITAINDIA offers members:

The opportunity to publish articles in its publications
The opportunity to disseminate their own news and notices
Targeted advertising in ITAINDIA Publications.

Contact with like–minded translators, interpreters, agencies, institutes and the opportunity to exchange:

Mailing lists
Commercial information about the language market
Information about technology, standards, good practices, professional profiles and status.
Opportunity to win recognition by nominating candidates for the ITAINDIA Prizes.
Contact with ITAINDIA committees, and
The opportunity to serve on ITAINDIA committees.

Code of Professional Conduct

INDIAN TRANSLATORS ASSOCIATION encourages service providers as well as service takers to follow a Code of Professional Conduct and Business Practices.

For Service Providers

As a Translator/Interpreter or representative of my company, as bridge for ideas from one language to another and one culture to another, I commit myself to the highest standards of performance, ethical behavior, and business practices.

I will endeavor to translate or interpret the original message faithfully, to satisfy the needs of the end user(s). I acknowledge that this level of excellence requires:

Mastery of the target language equivalent to that of an educated native speaker,

Up-to-date knowledge of the subject material and its terminology in both languages,

Access to information resources and reference materials, and knowledge of the tools of my profession,

Continuing efforts to improve, broaden, and deepen my skills and knowledge.

I will be truthful about my qualifications and will not accept any assignment/s for which I am not fully equipped to handle.

I will safeguard the interests of my clients as my own and divulge no confidential information.

I will notify my clients of any unresolved difficulties. If we cannot resolve a dispute, we will seek arbitration.

I will use a client as a reference only if I am prepared to name a person to attest to the quality of my work.

I will respect and refrain from interfering with or supplanting any business relationship between my client and my client’s client.

For Employer or Contractor

As an employer or contractor of translators and/or interpreters, I will uphold the above standards in my business. I further commit myself to the following practices with translators and interpreters:

I will put my contractual relationship with translators and interpreters in writing and state my expectations prior to work.

I will adhere to the agreed terms, payment schedules, and agreed charges, and will not capriciously change job descriptions after work has begun.

I will deal directly with the translator or interpreter about any dispute. If we cannot resolve a dispute, we will seek arbitration.

I will not require translators or interpreters to do unpaid work for the prospect of a paid assignment.
I will not use translators’ or interpreters’ credentials in bidding or promoting my business without their consent or without the bona fide intention to use their services.

For translations for publication or performance over which I have direct control, I will give the translators the recognition traditionally given to the authors.

Use of ITAINDIA logo

Members will receive an excellent designed logo of the Indian Translators Association, which may be used by them in their letterheads or their websites or CVs to promote their business interest keeping into account the reputation as well as the interest of the Association.

The ITAINDIA website

ITAINDIA plans to launch an excellent interactive website at, in the near future which shall contain a wealth of information provided by its members. In addition, ITAINDIA shall host specific pages for each member of the association that shall include their brief profile, contact details and relevant information. This would further facilitate contact between Internet users and ITAINDIA members, regional centres, committees, officers, other key volunteers, etc. The website shall also offer a wide variety of relevant links to the websites of other national and international organizations.

Regional centres

In due course of time, ITAINDIA plans to develop regional centres in major cities of India that shall address challenges and issues of common interest within their own regions.

Last date for submission of membership request form

For the financial year starting April 1, 2007 till March 30, 2008, annual membership is open to all individuals, translators, agencies, corporate and institutions who shall be interested in promoting its aims and objectives.

Interested members may kindly send their subscription fees together with duly filled application form and relevant documents by April 20, 2007 at the below mentioned address of the secretariat.

The future of ITAINDIA

ITAINDIA is exactly what its members make it. Members have the opportunity, at events and over the Internet, to establish strong and lasting links with other fellow members and organizations.

ITAINDIA shall deal with issues that affect the lives of translators, interpreters and theoreticians, and the Association strives constantly to create an environment conducive to encouraging the next generation to enter the profession, and last but not the least by equipping them with a network of supportive colleagues and friends.

ITAINDIA also encourages members who are digitally deprived but play a significant role in bridging the language barrier staying at remote corners of India being included as translators – interpreters with a view to facilitate them to exhibit their talents.

For membership form and other details always write to the secretariat at or visit at

Ravi Kumar
Founder President
Indian Translators Association
K-5/B, Lower Ground Floor, Kalkaji,
New Delhi, India Tel: 0091-11-26291676 Fax: 0091-11-41675530

E-mail: Web:

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